The Challenge

The UX Director of Realogy tasked me with reviewing our current design process and exploring tools that would help unify the product suite of Realogy. I saw this as both a process and a communications challenge. The core question I had to ask was:

“If a new team member walked in today, how can we transfer our design knowledge efficiently?”

Previous Design Process

desktop screens

Proposed Solution

With the old process, designers were squandering time looking for files and explaining design principles. The new process consists of a centralized file repository as well as a communications strategy; this would keep everyone in the loop, as well as effectively onboard new designers. We needed a public monument (or Wiki) that team members could call the one "source of truth" for design patterns. With this approach, anyone can consult the Wiki for any general design-related questions and even find assets.

desktop screens
desktop screens


After I completed a competitive analysis of the tools available, I was able to get funding for this effort. I immediately set up a Bi-Weekly review amongst designers and worked with our design manager to audit our library. We slowly moved our assets to DSM and began sending out surveys to developers to identify areas of improvement. The new process has helped designers sync their files and patterns efficiently as well as provided team members with a centralized source of truth for any design-related questions.


Audit & Presentation: Alan Gi

Management & Strategy: Gina Uriarte

Illustrations: BoykoPictures

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